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Projects Proposals

The Old Port of Montreal Corporation encourages the contribution of suppliers and cultural product producers by offering high-quality recreational and tourist products and services. The exceptional geographical location of the Old Port makes it one of the most popular destinations in Montreal and in Quebec; the innovative offerings of the Montreal Science Centre are considered among the major cultural institutions in the city. The commercial activities contribute to the:

  • enhancement of the site and of its buildings;

  • preservation and the enhancement of its exceptional heritage;

  • development, implementation and exploitation of a large variety of products, including high-quality maritime and recreational activities


Programming or Film Shooting Projects

To submit a programming or film shooting project, follow this link:

Programming and film project proposal


Commercial Projects

To submit a commercial project, follow this link:

Commercial project proposal



The application process must be done online only.  We review all proposals submitted by e-mail. Applications by phone or at our offices will not be considered.

  • Only projects that meet the organization’s current or future needs will be considered.

  • There is no waiting list, the projects are chosen based on the criteria mentioned.

  • Your projects must consider the available infrastructures and the security standards currently in place.

  • If your project is selected, you must agree to comply with customer service criteria.

  • Your proposal must contain all the information required on the form to be considered Insert the link here

  • The Old Port of Montreal reserves the right to refuse any and/or all projects.