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0 - 61 minutes: $15
1 hours to 12 hours: $25
Between 12 hours and 24 hours: $35

Bus: $40 for one entry/exit

Lost tickets: $35

Vehicles with trailers or motorized caravans are prohibited on the site.

Parking lots are accessible 24/7.

Ticket available for one entry/sortie.

*In case of discrepancy between the information provided on this website and at the gate, the gate information prevails.


Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Interac, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay.

Payment at the entrance.

Disabled Parking Permit

Free parking for holders of a disabled parking permit (a total of 28 spots are available on our quays). To exit the parking lot, simply press on the intercom button.

Monthly parking

By email: complete the downloadable contract here and send it to us at the email address below.

Online: click here to be directed to our online sales site 

Rates: $ 200 per month from October to April and $ 250 par month from May to September, plus taxes. 

King Edward Quay (Montréal Science Centre)

4 charging points for electric vehicles (free reloading). To access the charging points, you must pay the current price of a parking space, which is not included in the cost of recharging.

Contact us

Monday to Friday between 8am to 4pm.

514 496-1851

To book an appointment, click here

Public Transit

Champ-de-Mars, Place d'Armes or Square-Victoria stations

Line 75 de la Commune (McGill / Wellington stop)
Map - Line 75
Schedule - Line 75

Line 55 Saint-Laurent (Saint-Laurent / Saint-Jacques stop)
Map - Line 55
Schedule - Line 55

Line 715 Vieux-Montréal/Vieux-Port
Map - Line 715
Schedule - Line 715

For other options, visit

Lucien-Lallier station, connected to Lucien-Lallier metro station
Central Station, connected to Bonaventure metro station

No service - Closed for the season




The Old Port’s Wi-Fi network is provided free of charge within an area along the Promenade from the Maison des Éclusiers (West) to Shed 16 (East).

How do I access Wi-Fi on the Quays?

While you are on the Promenade, simply tell your device to connect to the available network.

Next, open your Web browser. A connection page will open. You will now be able to surf the Web.

Noise management policy

The mission of the Old Port of Montreal Corporation is to manage, develop, and hold activities on a large urban Site dedicated to recreation, tourism and culture, a place for fun and discovery. Within this context, the OPMC provides its millions of visitors with event programming and commercial services that may affect the noise environment.

With a view to pursuing its mission while taking into consideration the tourist and residential vocation of the historic Old Port neighbourhood, the OPMC had adopted a Noise Management Policy that defines standards and criteria for events and merchants, and other enterprises that affect the noise environment at the Old Port and its surroundings.

This policy applies to the following :

- Sound created by unique events, whether on stage or not, including outdoor music concerts, whether amplified or not, and;

- Sound emanating from merchants and their outdoor terraces, including amplified and non-amplified music.

- No music, whether amplified or not, coming from unique outdoor events and/or from establishments and/or commercial terraces shall be heard from rue de la Commune in an area bound by the Mills Bridge to the West, rue de la Commune to the North, the Clock Tower Beach to the East, and the Saint Lawrence River to the South, unless prior authorization to the contrary is obtained from the OPMC.

- As required, the OPMC will measure sound using devices made for that purpose, for the purpose of controlling and verifying adherence to established standards. A representative of the OPMC is authorized to take these measurements, and has the power to intervene with the Producers or Merchants at any time if the standards are not respected.

- Producers of unique events and Merchants must adhere to this policy, and must submit themselves to any decision made by representatives of the OPMC while events are being held or during normal proceedings.

- Any breach of this policy or failure to adhere to the directives issued by OPMC personnel shall be considered a failing, and may be subject to the sanctions outlined in the agreement signed with the OPMC.

The acceptable sound level during unique outdoor events, including sound-checks, is 80 decibels (dB(A)) between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., unless prior authorization to the contrary is obtained from the OPMC.

The acceptable sound level produced by merchants (including terraces) is 75 decibels (db(A)) inside the building and on the outdoor terrace or respecting the perceptible limit within the territory of the OPMC.

The Old Port of Montreal Corporation is a member of the Table de concertation du Vieux-Montréal, along with representatives of the Association des commerçants and residents of the neighbourhood. The OPMC works with the Permits and inspections division of the Borough of Ville-Marie to ensure that noise regulations are observed. The OPMC agrees to notify them of its event scheduling and its commercial activities in order to keep the work groups informed of OPMC activities that may affect the noise environment for visitors and residents