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Port d'escale Marina


Just a skip away from Old Montréal and right around the corner from the city’s downtown district, the Port d’escale marina is nestled alongside the Old Port of Montréal’s tourist and recreational attractions. The marina is a natural hotspot for recreational boaters looking for spectacular views and an easy-going setting. Offering modern infrastructures and top-notch facilities, the Port d’escale has a basin with plenty of room to manoeuvre and offers visitors high levels of safety and security.


Reservations and informations


514 283-5414



  • Closed for the season.

    Opening May 2023.




    Regular rate

    23 to 59 feet :        $2,75 / foot

    60 to 79 feet :        $3,25 / foot

    80 to 99 feet :        $3,90 / foot


    Weekend of the high season and construction holidays

    Friday and Saturday from June 10 to September 4, 2022 and every day from July 23 to August 7, 2022.

    23 to 59 feet :        $3,30 / foot

    60 to 79 feet :        $3,85 / foot

    80 to 99 feet :        $4,60 / foot

    100 feet and over:  Contact us for details.



    Medium-term of 7 to 29 consecutive nights: 20% discount on the overnight rate.

    Long-term of 30 or more consecutive nights: 40% discount on the overnight rate.

    *Discount on the whole stay. For up to 99 feet only.



    Up to 15 feet

    3 hours block: 24$

    Additional hours: 8$


    16 to 59 feet 

    3 hours block: $33

    Additional hours: $11


    * Hourly stopovers are only available for arrival before 6:00 P.M. Stopovers still docked after 10:00 P.M. or over 6 consecutive hours will be charged the Overnight rates.



    Contact us for details.

  • - Docking assistance.
    - Magnetic card access.
    - Shore power 30A, 50A and 100A.
    - 5G Wi-Fi zone.
    - Fresh water and ice
    - Full sanitary services, including a laundromat.
    - Pumpout service station.
    - Parking available.

    Some services have fees, information available at the Hospitality Desk.

    Please note that gratuities are not accepted by the personnel of Port d'escale Marina

  • VHF channel : 68 (Port d'escale Marina)

    GPS coordinates: 45° 30’ 24" N – 73° 33’ 2" W

    Capacity : Up to 220 feet OAL

    Number of docks : 125

    Draught: 23 feet (7,5 m)

    Tides: None

    Courant Ste-Marie (Current) : Up to 6 knots

    • Boats may not navigate in excess of 10 km/h within the Port d’escale basin and must not make waves. 

    • For security reasons, quays and jetties must remain unobstructed at all times so as not to impede access. The presence of chairs is tolerated so long as the middle of the quay is kept clear. The presence of tables, lockers, and any other piece of furniture on the quays is not permitted. Water and electricity cables resting on the quays must not extend across the quays and must remain one (1) foot (0.3 m) from quayside. Stairs may only be installed on the quays with the authorization of the Corporation.

    • Excessive noise is prohibited at all times and a curfew is in effect from 11 p.m. to 10 a.m. During the curfew period, any individual or group of individuals behaving inappropriately may be ejected without notice, compensation, or reimbursement. 

    • Dogs are welcome on the Site and at the Port d’escale so long as they are on a leash and so long as their excrements are promptly picked up and disposed of in a hygienic manner.

    • For reasons for safety, cooking equipment is strictly forbidden on the quays. They are permitted aboard watercrafts so long as they are secured to the boat. Cooking equipment using naphtha or briquettes is not permitted, either on the quays or on boats.

    • It is forbidden to run, use inline skates, ride skateboards or bicycles, or use any other means of transport on the quays. 

    • It is forbidden to swim, float on inflatables, or fish in the basin.

    • Use of glass containers is forbidden on the quays.

    • It is forbidden to feed ducks and other animals in the basin.

    • Port d’escale personnel members are not permitted to accept tips or gifts.

    • Any breakage or damage to Port d’escale or Corporation property must be reported to Port d’escale personnel and the individual responsible for said breakage or damage will be billed for repair costs as well as any applicable administration fees.

    • Quayside work liable to cause any environmental, visual, noise, or odour nuisance, or to pose a risk to the health and safety of anyone nearby, is prohibited.

    • It is forbidden to fuel up at the Port d’escale without explicit authorization from Port d’escale supervisors.

    • Leaving any used oils, or other hazardous waste, on the quays involves a $1,000 fine.

    • Any boats for whom owners have failed to pay mooring fees and any boats mooring at the Port d’escale without authorization could be immobilized (chained) or towed into an unsecured area at the owner’s expense.

    • It is forbidden to engage in commercial activity at the Port d’escale without explicit authorization to do so from the Corporation. 

    • The Port d’escale is subject to the Site’s general regulations.

    • Any individual whose behaviour is deemed unacceptable, or that is not in keeping with regulations of the Port d’escale, may be ejected without notice, compensation, or reimbursement.

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