Mental Health, Mind Matters

From great minds to peace of mind… the mind matters! Come unveil a clearer picture of mental health and learn just how understanding our mental health can help us achieve a healthy state of mind. Explore how our ideas of mental health have changed over time and how science and mental healthcare have evolved together. Discover the many facets of human emotion and learn how to recognize different emotions to better understand them. Learn how managing mental health can be part of everyday life and how talking about it with friends and family can help everyone feel better.

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The perfect match : Sports vs. Science

Explore this fascinating and highly participative exhibition and discover how humans have achieved new levels of performance thanks to breakthroughs in science and technology.

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No-stress studio

Did you know that breathing, art, and laughter can improve your health? Learn how to keep a handle on stress with super easy techniques that are as fun as they are healthy! Laugh out loud as you learn how contagious laughter can be. Enjoy a moment of inner peace with a controlled breathing exercise. Discover how wonderful art therapy can be. Stretch out and relax with a little yoga. Come and see how having fun is great way to stay healthy!