Pruning and cutting of some trees | Old Port of Montréal

Pruning and cutting of some trees

October 2, 2019 - Many trees across the Old Port site will be pruned. This is known to be a good practice, as it helps trees stay healthy. It also helps ensure the safety of site visitors. A number of trees on the Old Port site need to be cut down. This decision was not taken lightly. Trees selected for removal were either dead, in declining health, or infected. The Old Port of Montréal Corporation is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy urban forest and other trees will be planted to replace those that are removed.

Latest update - In October, eight ash trees infested by emerald ash borers will be cut down. More than a third of these trees have been blighted by the infection, making them unrecoverable. A highly damaged maple tree located near the roadside will also be cut down.