Scattered over 2.5 km, these works of art add some cachet to the Old Port, a site that already has plenty. Can you find them all?


Nadia ou Le saut du tremplin

This sculpture was commissioned to Marcel Barbeau by the 1976 Olympic Games committee.

Parcours artistique
La femme tourmentée
André Masson made this sculpture in 1942. It was molded in bronze in 1986.
Public art

Taichi series

Œuvres by tawanese sculptor Ju Ming. 

Unbroken Taichi Flow

Parcours artistique

Taichi Arch

Parcours artistique

Metrical Construction in 13 Masses

This œuvre was presented during Skulptura Montréal 95, which was held in the Old Port

Parcours artistique
The John Young statue
John Young was the commissioner of the port of Montreal during the 19th century and contributed to its development.  
Parcours artistique
Parcours artistique