Embark on a riveting adventure that explores how the Earth we know today came to be. For billions of years, volcanoes have been shaping our world. Despite the threat that they pose, the rich soil that surrounds them has attracted countless civilizations to settle nearby. Both a source of destruction and creation, discover like never before the power they hold.

Join National Geographic photographer Carsten Peter and his team as they explore majestic environments few humans have dared to travel. Look into the heart of these fiery mountains and learn about their ruthless power and indomitable energy and how they have helped shape continents, ecosystems and extraordinary habitats, and even the air we breathe as well as life itself.

Travel across the globe and marvel at the rich colours of luminescent acidic ponds, Vanuatu’s red-hot lava lake, and volcanic geysers. Explore lands covered in bright mineral deposits in Ethiopia, examine the haunting archaeological remains of Pompeii, and witness the devastation left behind by Hawaii’s Kīlauea in 2018. The Earth was forged by fire and with more than 500 volcanoes in activity every day, radical land transformations continue to loom. Venture your way through steam and fire in this immersive earth-shattering exploration. Duration: 42 minutes