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Summaries of ATIA Completed Requests - August 2013

Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Number of Pages Disclosed

The detailed list of all positions at the Montreal Science Centre (MSC ) ( unionized or not, permanent, full or part time ... of senior management to custodian) including, but not limited to :

1.1 identification code for each position, as contained in the HR system or other relevant department .

1.2 title of positions, the names of incumbents is not part of this request and is not required.

1.3 number of people ( in 2012) for each position (if different from 1).

 1.4 overall list of all existing positions at MSC , classified by identification code.

 1.5 Description of full and complete tasks for all positions (including tasks, responsibilities, employment prerequisites, preferences (education , experience), deliverables, direct supervisor, working hours)

 1.6 Compensation for 2011 or salary range budgeted in 2012 , associated with each of these positions, as well as social benefits or other remuneration or benefit associated with each position, eg . membership, vehicle provided

. 1.7 copy of the amount of discretionary budgets , purchasing, expense accounts and other budget items, controlled by or allocated to each job : a. amounts in 2011 or 2012 (if full) description and / budget objectives .

Disclosed in Part 122

Copy of MSC employment contracts for the following positions: a. Vice president of MSC b. Administrative Assistant to the V-P c. Director, sales, shopping and entertainment d. Manager, Business Development and Corporate events e. Director, cultural and educational activities f. Director, exhibitions g. Director, Financing h. Manager for project development and implementation i. Animator.

No Records 0

Complete organizational chart of the MSC, including: 2.1 The overall scheme of the MSC: general structure and detailed 2.2 A copy of the full list of trade codes used in order to be able to easily link 01 and 02/03/04.

Disclosed in Part 103

Include, if it’s the case, the same information as in 01, for the positions of the OPMC whose fields of activities or responsibilities directly impact (overlap) operations of the MSC eg. Maintenance, electrician, including, if available, the percent of tasks that are assigned to the MSC.

No Records 0

The name, version and manufacturer of the software used to manage human resources at the MSC.



Disclosed in Part 83

Copy of the current constitutive charter of the MSC, its statutes, regulations and other governing documents affecting operations since 2008.

Disclosed in Part 48

Questions or Comments

By telephone
(514) 496-PORT (7678)
or 1 800 971-PORT (7678)

Postal address :
Old Port of Montreal Corporation inc.,
333, de la Commune West
Montreal (Quebec) H2Y 2E2 Canada

Head Office:
(514) 283-5256

Reports and Statements

Financial statement December 31, 2012 Download